Week 11 – Reflections

Over and over again…

As we discussed our upcoming news feature project this week, we got a more extensive look at working with Premiere Pro CC. We had to not only edit video clips, but sound clips and include a variety of b-roll shots to cut to and back from the original video. It was pretty interesting, it definitely involved a lot more playing around with, but I feel like we’ve worked a lot with Premiere Pro and not had as much practice with other editing softwares such as Photoshop and whatever else there may be.

It was still cool to work more in-depth with the software because, since a lot of us had gotten the hang of it, the work seemed much more independent that other projects.


Week 10 – Reflections

Thank you and goodnight…

This week we finally got to broadcast our Chromakey porject and use Premiere Pro to add a digital background to our green screen. The thing that took the longest and honestly felt the most difficult was actually recording the video. We had a pretty limited time to give everyone a pretty good chance at getting their script done and we definitely need more than one take. Luckily, the editing portion wasn’t as complicated, but I’m sure that was thanks to the practice we had last week!

Week 10 – Multimedia

Coming to you live from…

Periscope, a new live-streaming app, has just been introduced by Twitter as a personal broadcasting tool and is taking the social media world by storm.  The apps notify others that you are live streaming and you can share it with your friends and followers. Although the concept isn’t new, until now it seems that live streaming apps are taking off and companies like Twitter are spending millions on what they believe will be the next big thing with customers.

Kayvon Beykpour, chief executive and co-founder of Periscope, said that one of the advantages of Periscope is the short lag time in between live streams and text responses from viewers to the personal broadcasters. Periscope does face some market competition from apps such as Camino and Meerkat. Either way live-streaming video has the potential to deliver real-time news.

Week 9 – Reflections

In other news…

This week we got to take a few video shots as practice for our upcoming project. We got to interview our partner and use the different rules we had learned with the camera shots practice. It was slightly different because we had to capture moving objects, but capturing the shots wasn’t the hard part. Trying to upload the pictures onto premier was what gave me a hard time. That MAC computer wasn’t very android friendly, but eventually I got the shots onto Premiere.

Week 9 – Multimedia

Video Editing Like Never Before…

Since Adobe’s release in 2013, Premier Pro CC has been changing the video editing game. With a very streamlined way of setting up video editing projects, workspace designed for quick rough cuts, increasing valuing clips, improved multicam and much more according to an article by Clay Asbury.

However, there are always basic tips and tricks to be learned along the way and throughout the years that help make using Premiere Pro CC that much easier. Caleb Ward provides us with some must-watch tutorials for Premiere Pro CC editors. Some of the tutorials cover the basics, such as navigating Premiere Pro, while other give some insight into some cool effects such as editing on the multi camera setting and removing any shaky footage using the warp stabilizer effect. I know I’ll definitely be using some of these tools from now on!

Week 8 – Reflections

Lights. Camera. Green screen…

This week we had the opportunity to start practicing with green screens. We were able to get subjects with green screen backgrounds and place them in different settings by using the practice backgrounds. I found that I’m really getting the hang of Photoshop programs now more than I did when we started out. I had a pretty easy time putting the in-class assignment together and I don’t think it’s half-bad! I still need to work on my broadcast writing a bit just o polish it up, but I think I’m ready to put a light news piece together and edit it with different backgrounds.

Week 8 – Multimedia

Then and now…

According to YouTuber Tom Scott, nowadays there’s really nothing to it when it comes to working with green screens. Scott says, “You get your lighting right, you point a camera at someone, and then you click a few buttons and tweak a few settings in your graphics software, and there you go. Perfect.” Back then, there were two separate process entirely when it came to shooting film and video, both took an extensive amount of time and your best try.

Now, through various software and programs the process has become much more simplified. There are even simple ways to make the set-up on your own.